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About Us

Our company name reflects the essence of who we are – committed to handling small and large non-automation projects and handling all your fulfillment needs.

gohands is a family owned business, which began its operation over thirty-five years ago in a household garage. It has grown over the years to become a one stop production and fulfillment house known for excellent quality control and absolute deadline dependability. With over 17,000 square feet, we have the ability to handle projects, no matter what size, as seamless as possible. Even companies with in-house capabilities have found our services valuable for overloads and unique or rush situations.

Our company has grown with the times and, in addition to the traditional fulfillment services offered, has become an exceptional and quality source for website and e-store development, as well as for custom programming and data management services.

  • Dedicated to long term relationships with our clients
  • Commitment to details
  • Paying personal attention to every project


gohands provides a broad variety of fulfillment, distribution, and warehousing solutions

E-Commerce / Pick and Pack

gohands provide seamless pick, pack and ship services, including online inventory maintenance and shipment tracking.

Kitting Services

We perform kitting services for everything from small keychains to big banner projects. We also help you plan every logistical detail of the operation, including the packaging itself.

Inventory Management

gohands’s custom Inventory program is designed to meet customer's specific requirements. Custom programming can quickly address customers specific needs.


We help getting the right product to the right customer at the right place, time and price.


We ship to just about every corner of the world. Our partenership with air,land and ocean carriers provides the flexibility to select the fastest, cost effective solutions for our customers.


Our company owned warehouse provides cost effective commercial spaces for your storage needs. Combined with our inventory management system, you have real time access to your products from comfort of your own home or office.

Global Sourcing And Procurement

We help clients source materials, finish goods globally. We have global partners help us provide competitive costs for materials and finished goods. We help clients achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by keeping costs low, providing goods and services efficiently and effectively.

Website Programming

We have team of programmers with extensive programming and web development background with more than 20 years of experience. We specialize in developing, hosting corporate stores and provide fulfillment services. We can help you create a website or add functionalities to your existing site.

Why choose us?

The company you choose to provide critical services for your organization is a tough decision and an extremely important one. We definitely agree. So why should you choose gohands, Inc. to be that company?

  • Over 30 years experience in fulfillment environment
  • Capability to handle entire fulfillment process from website and e-store development through shipping and all processes in between
  • Capability to provide traditional fulfillment services, such as product assembly, kit assembly, packaging, mail services, and storage.
  • Extensive experience with data processing, data managing, programming, and systems, including hardware and software
  • Ability to provide customized programming and reports along with our standard reports
  • Capability to provide online live inventory and report viewing
  • Personalization of packing slips, customer orders, reports, letters, and envelopes
  • Respectful and compliant with regard to customer requirements, but knowledgeable and willing to offer alternatives
  • Provide advice on multiple methods of shipping, while considering service requirements and cost considerations of the customer
  • Current knowledge on postal specs, requirements, and rates
  • Ability to handle domestic and international shipments from initial process to final delivery with timeliness, accuracy, and assurance

Our Clients

We have been privileged to provide services for a wide variety of clients, ranging from large international corporations to "mom and pop" shops. Our services have proven beneficial to companies in many areas, including public relations firms, advertising agencies, banking institutions , auto manufacturing corporations, and worldwide distributors. We are proud of our association with all our clients. A partial list is noted below.


Pick and Pack
Pricing per order
  • First Item: $2.50
  • Additional Items: $0.50 per item
  • Inserts: $0.20 per insert
  • Return Processing: $2.00 + $0.50/additional item
Monthly Price
  • Per Pallet: $30
  • Climate Controlled: $35/pallet
  • Special projects: $45/man-hour
  • Container Unloading: $300 per 20' container
  • Container Unloading: $500 per 40' container

Based upon the number of monthly orders. For higher volume, contact us to get pricing details.
Minimum pick & pack Fee: $250/month
Packing material: depends on requirement